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Nicole Thorburn

Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend
Eugene, Oregon
Hello Facebook Family & Friends!

The other day I ran across a friend's profile, and she actually used the "about me" for whats been going in her life. Which, kind of makes a lot of sense, right? Cause that's what this whole Facebook thing is for, to catch up with old friend's and to know what everyone is doing...Right?

So here goes! Long story short, after high school I moved to La Grande in Eastern Oregon. Started my college career at Eastern Oregon University, then got into the OHSU Nursing Program. SIX YEARS LATER, I am now a college graduate with a Bachelor's of Science Degree and have a nursing license :) Oh, one very important part of being in La Grande--I met Mike! Mike is my handsome-funny-talented-crazy-sweet-sexy-twisted-rockstar of a boyfriend :) We just moved to Eugene, Oregon and are loving it! Our new house is so cute! Looking forward to exploring Eugene, finding our favorite restaurant/bar/coffee-cocoa place, bike rides, bbq's on our back deck and sun-tanning in my little backyard! Oh, and to find an awesome nursing job that I love going to everyday :)

Much love to you all! Cheers!